About me

I first started working as a freelance infographic designer based in Orange County, NY. I created dataviz that related to a client's business or explained how they functioned. I worked with start-ups to create reports and presentations based on data they collect, to be used internally or shown to VCs. I created hundreds of infographics over this time.

My freelance work was noticed by infographic start-up Visual.ly. I put all my belongings in my car and moved from New York to California to join them as a Staff Designer. I found an apartment in downtown Oakland and fell in love with the bay. I was also lucky to be surrounded by incredibly smart coworkers who taught me how to code, and helped me fall in love with D3.

The friendships I made in San Francisco would later come together to form the Mainstem Collective, a loosely-knit group of data visualization, design, and journalism experts who team up for projects and use the group for feedback, networking, and discussion.

After a year in Silicon Valley, I decided to move back home to New York and try to find a job where I could use my data visualization experience to do more journalism and tell important stories. I joined the 1-year-old darknet news website Vocativ as Graphics Editor to help build a team around dataviz.

I helped Vocativ bring data journalism and data viz further into the newsroom, and got to work with incredibly smart journalists to tell stories with data. Starting as the only graphics person I created hundreds of graphics by hand. I also built processes, style guides, and prototypes to help our growing team move quickly and respond to breaking news, which helped increase graphic production from 5-6 graphics a month to 5-6 a day.

One of our tools was awarded a grant by the Knight Prototype Fund and we created Dataproofer, a spellcheck for data. I helped lead the project, along with two lead developers (and great friends) Gerald Rich and Ian Johnson.

I'm currently freelancing and exploring the future of news, storytelling, and data visualization. Contact me for work: ejfox@ejfox.com