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The Dark Money Universe

I worked with Mother Jones to create an interactive version of a graphic which appeared in their February 2012 issue. They used an excellent metaphor of a ‘Dark Money Universe’, created by the big bang of Citizens United, and wanted to let the user dive deeper into the data provided by NYT’s Campaign Finance API. We ended up using a D3 force-directed layout which both has useful visualization capabilities, but also has a space-like feel when interacted with. Read more about it on The Why Axis.


Inequality in America

In response to the then-burgeoning Occupy Wall Street movement, I wanted to help collect and summarize some of the data around the politicial and economic issues that were being raised. My first experiment with interactive infographics, the piece was featured in the Huffington Post.

Static Infographics

See little snippets of my work at Dribbble where I also collect tons of inspiration

See rough works in progress and design questions on Forrst

See a handful of my code on Github

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