My Work

I am a designer and developer specializing in data visualization, infographics, and storytelling.

Featured interactive dataviz

GitHub's Octoverse 2013

I worked with GitHub to create a year-in-review website to highlight the incredible amount of activity they experience.

GitHub collects tons of great data in different places, which is both an advantage and a challenge. I worked with their analytics team to decide what data to include to tell the best story, the best way to visualize that data, and to develop and design the visualizations in D3, Cofeescript, and SASS.

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Vocativ's Livability Index

I worked with Vocativ to develop their interactive Livability Index: The 35 Best U.S. Cities For People 35 and Under.

Vocativ approached me with their data and design, wanting to create an interactive list and map to show the results of their livability index. The site is generated directly from a spreadsheet, allowing reporters and editors to continually update the numbers and formulas right up to the deadline and beyond. Developed in JS, HTML, and CSS.

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Mother Jones' Dark Money Universe's Inequality in America

As a staff designer at I created this interactive infographic on Inequality in America.

In response to the then-burgeoning Occupy Wall Street movement, I wanted to help collect and summarize some of the data around the politicial and economic issues that were being raised. I worked to find and curate the data, develop a narrative, and visualize the data. Developed in HTML, JS, D3, and CSS.


Static infographics